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среда, 12 декабря 2012 г.

Adderall is excuse utilized by NFL football players

The National Football League is not allowed to make public details, when players fail drug tests. It is only affirmed that certain persons have tested positive for banned drugs. But the League must not report which substances have been applied by these sportspersons. Thus, some football players cheat about drugs that have resulted in positives.
Why do certain football players choose to cheat about products that have been administered by them? Let explain.
Numerous football players that fail drug tests say that they have administered Adderall. In fact, they have administered anabolic steroids. Why do they affirm that they have tested positive for Adderall? What does Adderall represent? This is a product that is prescribed to treat attention-deficit disorder. But this medicine is taken not just for this clinical need. Athletes and bodybuilders administer this medicine for performance-enhancing effects.
As for steroids, they are widely blamed. Many reporters, specialists, anti-doping officials and ordinary persons say that these medicines are too dangerous. They may lead to different grave unwanted effects. Steroids are demonized even for several crimes. But when it comes to Adderall, this drug is not blamed in the society. So, many football players try to avoid criticism. They don’t want to be demonized for application of such forbidden medicines, as steroids. Since consumers of Adderall are not criticized harshly, football players affirm that they have failed drug tests because they have applied Adderall.
A football player compared this situation with following cases: those that are arrested with cocaine tell others that they have taken marijuana because cocaine is more harshly demonized than the last one.
You should not suggest that every football player that says that he has tested positive for Adderall has really used anabolic steroids. But it is possible to affirm that those that administer Adderall are less demonized than those that take anabolic steroids.

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