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суббота, 7 июля 2012 г.

Swedish specialists: unhealthy fat distribution is caused by steroid use

A valuable research was conducted at Lulea University of Technology and Umea University. Specialists studied and determined links between application of steroids, fat distribution in body and certain undesirable effects of anabolic steroids. The study has displayed that steroid users can suffer from abnormal fat distribution that may cause heart attacks and other troubles related to cardiovascular system.
The results of the study and conclusions are published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.
 10 elite lifters from Sweden were enrolled in the study. They take anabolic steroids regularly. So, it was studied role of steroids in fat distribution.
It is stated that lifters who use anabolic-androgenic steroids face risks experiencing heart attacks. The specialists at Lulea University of Technology and Umea University have studied the way body fat is distributed in lifters that apply steroids having anabolic and androgenic characteristics. It has been observed that incorrect fat distribution may be a reason for cardiovascular diseases.
The lifters that were implicated in the study were divided into two groups. Body fat distribution was studied in lifters of the two groups. The lifters of one group administered anabolic steroids. The lifters of another group didn’t take steroids.
The study has manifested that those who apply steroids have more reduced fat deposits below the waist. Thus, they have more reduced levels of gynoid fat.
DEXA scanner that is ordinarily used to study osteoporosis has been applied in order to measure fat distribution during the research.

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