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понедельник, 30 июля 2012 г.

Slovenian authorities don’t have any right to extradite its citizens to another country

Recently a huge steroid chain was busted in Austria. It was discovered that this company got 40 million Euros due to illegal sale of steroids. Mihael Karner was identified as the leader of the steroid ring. The USA asked Austrian authorities to extradite this person to the US. But the steroid dealer avoided the extradition successfully. This person paid one million Euros to Austrian authorities that sent him to his native country Slovenia.
Slovenia’s laws differ from Austrian ones. According to the Slovenian Constitution, it is forbidden to extradite Slovenian citizens to another country. Mihael Karner turned out to be a lucky man. If he had been extradited to the USA, he could be sentenced to 40 years in prison.
Federal prosecutors began the investigation linked with this steroid empire in 2005. The steroid empire started to function earlier. Federal prosecutors learnt that since 2000 till 2008 the company earned 40 million Euros due to illicit distribution of steroids.
Federal prosecutors defined in 2005 that Mihael Karner and his wife were implicated in illicit distribution of steroids but they couldn’t pursue them because the Karners were in Austria. But later steroid laws in Austria were altered due to suppression by the US. Furthermore, the US induced the arrest of Mihael Karner and his wife.
Although the US tries to enforce other countries of the world to extradite distributors of steroids to the USA, it doesn’t have great success in this area. But those that were involved in “Musclebear” and “British Dragon” were extradited from Cyprus and Thailand to the USA. That time the US had a victory.
As for Mihael Karner, the USA believed that he would be extradited. That’s why the US was shocked, when it was found that Karner reached Slovenia safely. So, the USA was defeated this time in the struggle against steroids.

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