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четверг, 5 июля 2012 г.

Poland’s police officers busted huge drug ring successfully

An illegal group that manufactured and offered for sale anabolic steroids was busted by Poland’s police officers. More than 90 policemen and border police were implicated in the investigation linked with this illicit business. Customers were chiefly from North America. Police officers detained 19 persons: 6 women and 13 men. They were accused of illegal manufacture and distribution of steroids and money laundering.
Investigators set that the group was dealing with steroids since March 2008. The group advertised steroids for gaining of muscle mass and well-being in general. The drugs were offered for sale on internet. Individuals from the USA, Canada, France, Belgium, etc. placed orders and acquired illegal medicines.  Steroids were packed in fake packages and sent to customers. There was a person that was responsible for receiving money and transferring it to members of the drug ring.
Homes and business offices of the steroid ring were raided. Police officers found huge doses of steroids and packages that were prepared to be shipped abroad. Some cars, including BMW X6, Mercedes S500 and Jeep Grand, watches, jewelry and other things were seized. The total value of confiscated objects and money was estimated. It was around 1 million Polish zlotys.
 It was set by police that 3 individuals composed the leadership of the drug ring. They face 15-year imprisonment.
This investigation conducted by Polish police officers was successful. It was not the first successful steroid investigation in this country. Last year police of this country busted another illegal steroid ring. 7 persons were arrested. About 80 police officers were involved in that investigation. Police also reported about substances which were sold by that drug ring.

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