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четверг, 5 июля 2012 г.

Australian man that wanted to lose weight bought 1 kg of testosterone for personal use

Carlton Alloysius Hayes, a man from Australia, was accused of possession of almost a kg of Testosterone Propionate. He ordered powder of this preparation per internet and got it from overseas. This person also desired to buy benzyl benzoate, a chemical which is utilized in order to prepare liquid for injections from powder. When police officers learnt that he ordered this chemical, he was asked about purpose of buying it. Carlton Alloysius Hayes said that he intended to get it for a friend. But he noted that he couldn’t remember the name of the friend.
Then Hayes himself contacted policemen and asked them to come to his place. When police officers came, Carlton Alloysius Hayes showed that he possessed two bags of white powder. He also admitted that he had ordered benzyl benzoate in order to mix it with the powder and prepare liquid for injections.  
Carlton Alloysius Hayes weighed circa 156 kg, when the court took place. He claimed that he couldn’t lose weight, however he trained at the gym. So, he applied steroids to lose weight and look better. This man noticed that he hadn’t had any plan to distribute steroids. He acquired the testosterone powder for self-administration.
A defense attorney for Carlton Alloysius Hayes affirmed that his client had a good reputation. He always worked hardly.
 Although he had to be sentenced to prison because he purchased steroids from overseas, the judge’s decision was to give him several months of suspended jail. So, this person avoided prison.

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